Vortigern Wooden Train Set Review

The Blue Comet top team takes a look at the Vortigern 51 (!) piece wooden trainset. Will we have an afternoon of fun?


What brings the most joy in the eyes of a child? Off course, you got it right, a huge box. The Vortigern wooden train set comes with a very handy box with a neat and handy lever. Which makes it very easy to carry or to storage anywhere in the house.

The box contains two trains and luckily for the Blue Comet team,  a blue train, a single car, three houses, a combination of trees and bushes five in total, four people figures, a cross over, a variety of four road signs, a bridge, two crossways, 4 straight tracks, one small track piece and fourteen bend tracks. This total of different pieces brings a good amount of possible combinations for your little one to create.


Our own Blue Comet top tester has an older age so we brought in his little sister who is 18 months old to play with him. Immediately we noticed that our little one could easily assemble the tracks. So that is a major plus side on this trainset. Little fingers can easily adjust, dismantle and assemble the trainset. Immediately you feel that the wood is of a better grade quality.  There is totally no risk whatsoever to get a wooden splinter in your or the little ones their hands. Although all pieces are big enough we do advise you keep an eye on the younger children when they try to put the pieces into their mouths.

It clearly was a lot of fun to make all different kinds of track combinations with this playset. Older children will have hours of fun creating all kinds of accident scenarios with all the pieces included with this box. A major plus with this trainset is that it is fully compatible with Vortigern their own my first trainset. But surprise, surprise it is not only compatible with products from Vortigern. You can also combine this trainset with trainsets from Brio and Bigjigs. This is a major plus with this trainset. Imagine all the combinations you can make with all those different train sets. Heck you could even make a real railroad connection between your kitchen and living room. But now we are dreaming too much.

To be honest this grandfather had a lot of fun playing with this trainset together with his grandchildren. Although it is not a fully model train set, it is a great leap towards the hobby of model trains and it is just a guarantee for a really good time with the grandkids.


If you want to encourage your child to develop its motor skills, if you want to encourage it to develop reasoning and have hours of fun in imaginative role play then the Vortigern wooden train set is the piece to get for your little ones. Also the fact that it is combinable with a lot of other wooden trainsets on the market makes it a clear winner!

4.5 Wagons out of 5