Tomy Thomas at Echo Cave Plastic Train Set Review

Another great Thomas the Train and Friends plastic train set arrives in our living room. Tomy –a well-known toy company- brings out a Thomas at the Echo Cave plastic trainset. Time to hop on board.


Another great looking box full of toy train goodies arrives at the top testing team. We get a Thomas with a magic coal car, an Echo cave, a Maithwaite station, a bridge, water tower, signal and off course an oval track with inner circle & siding. Enough contents to start building and make the magic of toys create a smile on everybody in the family.


It was hard to sustain the testing team to rip open this box full of joy but after all the different pieces were lain out on the living room. It was time to start building. This Tomy set was actually really easily constructed. Even without help from an adult it is really easy for a child to construct and lay out the oval track structure. Extra help was indeed needed when adding the bridge, station and other buildings. Holding all the different pieces you can really feel how robust this train set is. It really was made for children to use on a daily basis and to have loads and loads of fun with it. We even discovered you can make a big track layout or just a small layout. Depends if you are playing on the floor or on the table with this trainset.

You would not notice it on first glance but this set has some real interactivity going on. Each time Thomas passed by the Echo Cave he gets a refill or loads out all the coal out of the coal carriage. The amazement on the faces of our testing team. The quest for finding an answer on how this process works was another very pleasant moment to be a part of with your (grand)children. This is a good advantage to this Thomas set.

The only downside we’ve encountered was the fact that Tomy neglected to add batteries to this trainset while those are actually really needed. Imagine you have to run to the store to get the right batteries to finally start playing with this trainset. This might cause some aggravation within the household.

But all was quickly forgotten when we noticed that this trainset was compatible with other Trackmaster sets from Tomy. This is wat we call a true win-win situation which will provide even more joy to your household. You should’ve seen my living room by the end of the afternoon.


The Tomy Thomas Track Master Thomas at the Echo Cave –phew that was a long name to pronounce- is a really good plastic toy train set for your children. It made smiles appear on the faces of our testing team and that is in the end the goal we aim for. Children’s laughter.

 4 Wagons out of 5