Tidlo City of London Wooden Train Set Review

London has a mystique and so do little wooden train sets. With these two factors combined, Tidlo brings us their wooden train set on the market. Time for us to check it out.


In comparison with other brands, Tidlo loses some points here. Ok, everything is nicely packed and stored inside a box. But user friendliness, like a handle is not available. So if you tear up the box, you can’t reuse it and have to look for another storage alternative.

Luckily we didn’t tear the box and love what we see inside. It is pretty obvious that most features in this set are familiar with in real life London sights. Buckingham Palace, Guards, The Gurkin, Harrods, The Eye and many more are inside this little box. It is actually opening a box with mini London in it. In total it has 13 London landmarks, a London taxi, a London bus, a fire engine, 3 underground carriages, 4 Beefeaters, 8 Trees and a complete set of train tracks.


This Tidlo set is really very solid and robust however the size of the different shapes and forms used are perfect for smaller hands. In comparison with other wooden train sets, this London set is actually very colourful which is actually thanks to all the London sights included. It is very easy to assemble and is off course a great way to introduce early geography to children. The time we spend with questions asked and answered about all these different sights in London was a great way to spend time with my grandchild(ren). This even tickled the interest to look abroad and check out other countries and their places of interest. What a blast we had there!

While the Tidlo set brought us hours of fun, we were a little bit disappointed that the track provided was just an oval or eight shape track. Luckily we could expand the track with pieces from other wooden train sets on the market like Thomas, Ikea, Brio and Melissa & Doug. The fun of making these combination and making a bigger track brought a lot of joy in our testing team. Unfortunately not everybody has all these pieces and besides the famous London sights there isn’t that much excitement in this set.

This Tidlo wooden train set is indeed unique in the little things it provides but it doesn’t have that much interactivity like other wooden train sets we reviewed. It is definitely not the worst in the class cause it tickled a lot of other interests that normal wooden train sets wouldn’t tickle.


It really was fun to tell stories about all the different London sights to the kids. If you are able we recommend you to combine this with a visit to London and you can point to the different recognisable sights. Just to see your child(ren) with eyes of wonder and open mouth(s). The Tidlo city of London is great value for its money.

 3.5 Wagons out of 5