Thomas & Friends Plastic Train Set Review

You simply cannot deny the combination of a train set and the cartoon figure of Thomas the tank engine. How do my grandkids enjoy this cartoon and off course secretly I enjoy it myself. Time to rip open the box and send our little Thomas on an adventure.


Before we could enjoy the contents of this box, our little play tester enjoyed pushing the interactive Thomas tank engine to hear all its sounds and phrases. A great plus!

The box contains off course a track set, a motorised Thomas and a cargo car, Cranky the crane and a small station where Thomas his friends are stationed. It doesn’t look all that appealing if you consider the branding of Thomas making a trip around Sodor knowing that Sodor has a lot more to offer then this.


Let us start with a huge advantage to this train set. The Thomas tank engine is motorised and thus means you can even let it run on the carpet or any other surface. So you actually don’t need the track supplied. Immediately our top testing team used Thomas in combination with other tracks and pieces around the living room to create a personal vision of the Island of Sodor. Being a plastic train set it can withstand a true bashing from a child. Thomas travelled and bumped and fell off like crazy but no scratch was to be found.

Like being a real engineer you can pick Thomas’ his next destination. Just a simple press on a button and Thomas will ride around even in interaction with his friends. This function made smiles appear. This trainset really promotes the development of your kid his fine motor skills as they play along and make the Island Sodor come to life.

We must admit that our own top testing team had the most fun when combining this trainset with other trainsets on the market. The variety of all types of fantasy play can bring a huge plus into your living room.

But the Thomas around Sodor set also has its flaws. While setting the destination with the tank engine, we noticed that Thomas tends to stop on the bends. An annoying bug. Another downside is, the set looks even smaller in real life then on picture. We were indeed a little bit disappointed with the contents of the box. However being small it does make it easier to handle in the hands of a younger child.


Fan or not, this trainset is a must get. The huge interactivity of this playset thanks to the 50 sounds and the interaction with Thomas and his other friends makes this playset a little different than the others. It is easy to assemble and very robust. It can withstand some good tear and wear and it is even possible to use the Thomas tank engine somewhere else. The quality of this set is a higher standard and it provides hours of fun.

 3.5 Wagons out of 5