Melissa & Doug Wooden Train Set Review

Look and behold.  A whopping 130+ pieces wooden train set delivered to us by Melissa and Doug. We wonder how this multi piece trainset will fair against our judge(s).


We love big boxes and the box Melissa & Doug sends us is huge. You should’ve seen the eyes on our Blue Comet testing team when they put a gaze upon this big pieced trainset.

What does this huge box contain? Nearly one hundred wooden track sections and all its added supports. A 30 plus on added interactive opportunities such as turntables, cranes, junctions, a train shed, bridges, a freight train, a passenger train and many more. Oh boy we can’t wait to rip this box open.


The materials used on this trainset are of real quality. You can’t deny that when holding all the different pieces in your hands. Melissa & Doug can really compete with higher quality trainsets. All pieces used will last and are definitely very durable.

As you’ve read in the contents section, with that many pieces you have the possibility to layout all kinds of track variations. It provides hours and hours of fun on a daily basis. There are a lot of roleplaying possibilities. Actually it is really difficult to describe that this set is truly bringing joy in the hearts of your little one(s).

Another major plus with this trainset is that it is compatible with other major brands in the wooden train set market. You could combine the tracks with sets from Brio, Thomas and even Ikea. Imagine what kind of track layout we had after a week of fun with this trainset.

But wait, not all is perfect. A major downside to us was the fact that the tracks could get loose very easily. Which resulted in frustration. Imagine laying out a layout with other brands with over 300 track pieces and at track piece 295 you unfortunately bump against a piece with your knee and there goes the track layout. Back to the drawing board. It provides frustration and that is a real bummer on all the playing fun. However this is an extreme example and with the standard set provided in the box, a real good time playing will take the upper hand.

The Melissa and Doug deluxe wooden trainset is a true winner for the Blue Comet judge(s). When I wasn’t playing with my grandkid(s). I could really enjoy just watching them playing with this trainset. The smiles, the laughter they warmed my heart and this trainset will do the same for you.


The Melissa & Doug wooden trainset is really a deluxe wooden trainset for people who are looking for real value for their money. It is especially designed for children of three years and older and provides hours of playtime with a lot of possible combinations with the tracks. You get alot of track for your money! This is a true winner!

4.5 Wagons out of 5