Lego City Cargo Train Plastic Train Set Review

If you’ve never heard of Lego you must be living under a rock. This brand has been around for ages and besides great building kits in all different subjects they also produce trainsets. We’ve picked one out of the many they produce. Time to take a closer look.


If there is one thing you can give Lego all credit for is the way they package their products. When you take a look at the box you instantly see and feel the quality of the product. You could even say it is almost a shame to tear the box apart and take all the little components out. Yes, little components. Instead of the other trainsets we reviewed, this train set isn’t suitable for the smaller children. So we advise to have an adult around at every time. But back to the contents.

The box contains 4 different Lego figures. A forklift driver, a train driver, a farmer and a truck driver. It also has a lot of other components with which you can build a fuel truck with fuel tank with chain, pallet with wheelbarrow and a forklift. And off course there is the train. A cargo train completely motorized with an 8 channel, 7 speed infrared remote control. A cattle wagon with cow, bales of straw, a bucket of milk and a strong fence with 2 gates. But let us not forget the cable drum wagon with 2 large cable drums, holders and lifting chains.  This train set has a lot of building components which brings us the fun of ‘building’.


Like we already said in the contents part of the review. We advise you that this trainset is for six years old and up. It has really small components and they get easily lost inside the mouth of a toddler.

We can say that the building of this set brings a lot of time and fun to the family. Looking together on the building scheme, asking for the right components or searching for them. This cooperation with your child will bring joy and a smile to your face. After all the building fun was done, it was time to give this baby a test ride. And then it stopped ….

It seems that there is an issue with the battery box. It simply, doesn’t work. Hopefully by now Lego adjusted the problem. The issue is rather simple, you need 9 V output batteries to make it work. So when you buy this trainset, take a look at some batteries then the standard ones you normally buy.


The Lego Trainset is off course a pure winner. However it has some minor flaws, like buying extra track to make it interesting. And the hopefully by now adjusted battery problem. Other than that, this trainset is pure gold and a joy to have at home. Hours and hours of fun provided and guaranteed. Take in account the expansions with other Lego sets and the fantasy world is built.

4 Wagons out of 5