How to Keep Wooden Train Tracks Together

We all know the feeling. The children constantly knocking over their wooden train tracks, not being able to fix it themselves. You, the parent, end up being needed every 30 seconds to help put the train tracks back together, as your little ones don’t know how yet.

Thankfully, there are some alternatives. Some are great. Some are not so good. To help you find the best solutions and avoid the worst, we will be covering some of these alternatives.

Why you should never use glue

Gluing wooden train tracks to your child’s play surface is one of the best and worst solutions. Parents often regret using this method because they decide they want to remove the tracks from the surface in the future. Sadly, this is impossible to do without leaving a permanent mess. Many children don’t like this method either. It doesn’t let them customize the track. For these reasons, we recommend you go with a different track securing method.

Why you should always use tape

Using tape is one of the best alternatives to gluing train tracks, It is semi-permanent, and you probably have some lying around your home. Some tape types are better than others though, so here is a quick rundown of the different types.

Duct tape

Duct tape is a very good choice because it offers a very powerful grip and a long lasting stickiness. However, duct tape is notorious for leaving sticky residue behind after being removed.

Luckily, there is a residue-free duct tape available online and in some stores. This means that you will have to go shopping again to buy a new roll of duct tape, which you may want to avoid.

Masking tape

Masking tape is another solid option, but it is nowhere near as sticky as duct tape is. Masking tape is a good alternative to traditional duct tape because it leaves no residue. The best part is that you probably have some masking tape in your home.

How you can use felt to secure wooden train tracks

It is easy to place a piece of felt over your train table and either secure it permanently or just let it sit there. While this won’t secure your wooden train tracks perfectly, it will stop them from sliding around.

Some parents like to place a piece of Velcro on their train tracks to attach the track to the felt more securely. This is a fine option, but it will ruin the felt over time.

No other option? Then glue.

If you decide that your only option is to glue the train tracks, then you should consider gluing only a single track. This may offer the stability you are looking for while still allowing you to change up the surrounding track every once in awhile.

If your child is still a toddler it may be best to pick up a single train set and permanently glue it to the table, as you can start collecting more pieces as your child gets old enough to take care of them.

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