Duplo My First Trainset Plastic Train Set Review

It is time to bring out a train set made by one of the well-known toy brands in the world. Let us have a thorough play test and see how it chugs down the tracks.


The box alone is pure eye candy. The colors look appealing and invite you to start ripping the box apart but then again you will feel guilty ripping this nice looking box to pieces. All the fine details that are in this train set have a place on the box. So you definitely know what is in it. Time to take a closer look.

You get a steam train with real sound effects and an awesome surprise (more on that later). There is a passenger wagon which you can connect to the train but also two Duplo figures. A train driver and a child. There is a station with a ticket window and a clock, a fueling pump and a signal but also some genuine Duplo bricks which are including some flowers and a goat. And off course 12 track pieces to lay out on any surface you like.


Let us not keep you waiting and dive straight into the surprise. The Duplo steam train is interactive in its meaning that it makes real sound effects. For example if you add the hose from the fueling pump into a small hole the train makes “glug glug” sounds. But the biggest surprise is the little button on top of the train. With the right batteries this train is automated and chugs down the track automatically. The joy when you see your little ones chasing the train around the living room. Unfortunately we had to search for the batteries ourselves, so no batteries included in the box.

This trainset is for real train enthusiast kids and we all know the great quality that Lego provides, be it sometimes at a higher price. You do know that when you buy this train set it will last forever. However it comes with some disadvantages. At first there are the tracks. They are light and fickle and will come apart at any slight touch. The frustration of rebuilding the track several times when by accident it got knocked over, argh! Not to mention that with the track pieces included in the box you can only make a round track. Luckily there are a lot of expansion packs which will add loads and loads of enjoyment. So we can say that this trainset actually asks for an expansion to enjoy it at its full excitement. Still on its own, this trainset is a joy bringer.


You cannot deny that Lego and his younger Lego brand Duplo deliver great quality. Duplo is a trustworthy toy that has been around for ages now and needs no argument whatsoever. This is one of the better brands and trainsets on the market. It is a bit unfortunate you have to buy expansions to enjoy the set even more.

4 Wagons out of 5