Brio World Wooden Train Set Review

Another train set arrived at the Blue Comet top team testing facility, aka Grandad’s living room. This Brio World Deluxe sets contains 87 pieces, time to lay out the tracks and have a closer look at this wooden train set. Contents This impressive 87 piece wooden train set comes with a large plastic bin. Instead of just […]

The History of The Blue Comet

We all have and had our heroes. For me, it was my grandfather. A world war two veteran who saw action in France, Holland and Germany. When he came back, he brought back a little German trainset. My father played with it and both he and my grandfather had their own mancave with a real […]

Train Scales Explained

For those who are looking for a calm, relaxing hobby, model trains can be just the solution they’re looking for. However, when you first get started, the various scales can feel overwhelming. This guide will help you understand all of this information so you can make the best decision for your new hobby. Scales vs. […]