Brio World Wooden Train Set Review

Another train set arrived at the Blue Comet top team testing facility, aka Grandad’s living room. This Brio World Deluxe sets contains 87 pieces, time to lay out the tracks and have a closer look at this wooden train set.


This impressive 87 piece wooden train set comes with a large plastic bin. Instead of just a box to fill you get a free extra storage device, which is a huge plus.

The 87 pieces consists out of 36 tracks, 3 roads, 2 ramps, 2 level crossings, 5 figures which are 3 civilians and 2 train employees, 7 rock supports, 2 supports, 3 stations, 4 load, 3 suspension bridges, 2 road vehicles, 2 container wagons, 3 metro carriages, 3 travel carriages, a piece of luggage, a signal, a sign, a map and map base, a ticket machine, a metro tunnel, a freighter, a crane and last but definitely not least a freight train. So as you can read you get a lot of stuff to fiddle and play around with.

And we forgot to mention that it even has batteries included !


At first we’ve noticed that this set has a lot of little intricacies. You can put the figures in the metro or train carriages. The cargo lift can actually lift cargo on and off, you can even change the signals and many more options. Even the fact that this set has some electronics added makes it a lot of fun. The batteries provided made our tube train even more fun with its flashing head lights.

This set is really solidly built, it is sturdy and can withstand any abuse a young child –or a grandad- would give it. Would I noticed and found the most appealing to this set was the level of detail into the different pieces of the product. The lorry for example has a cab that opens up to reveal the engine. Now we could even role play a lorry garage, oh the fun, oh the laughter it brought into our home.

However this trainset comes with some minor issues. At first there was the fact that some pieces could break very easily at the joints. Especially with grandad his clumsiness. So we advise you being careful with that.

Another issue was the well-known issue of ‘the tracks getting loose’ frustration. As mentioned in other reviews. There is nothing more a fun killer then building up a complete track and then it all collapsed by just one little touch by the toe or knee. Frustration we don’t want that in our train sets.

To end on a positive note, this playset luckily gave us more fun then frustration.


The Brio World Deluxe train set is a very good trainset. We were amazed by its level of detail or the many cool little intricacies it has. It can be extended by lots of other Brio world stuff and is even compatible with other brands.

 4 Wagons out of 5