Bigjigs Wooden Train Set Review

The BigJigs Town and Country wooden train set has 101 pieces and provides hours of fun, exploration and learning. Let us see how it fares with our testing team.


Bigjigs are an established brand within the wooden train sets. They are a family operated company with the following mission statement : “Our mission is to deliver quality, safe and affordable products which are responsibly sourced an complement childhood through fun, exploration and learning” This is a real nice mission statement let us see if they strive to produce toys that will last for years in quality and enjoyment.

When looking at the box we are confronted with just a box. It looks neat and invites us to open it up really quick, with those 101 pieces. But we could’ve appreciated some kind of user friendliness through a handle or maybe the box being a sturdy storage device.

Let us take a look at what those one hundred and one pieces are. Two cars, a bus, an ambulance, a boat, a pond, a duck, seven houses, six people, thirteen trees, two farm animals, a crossing, a bridge, a three piece train, four road signs and off course a lot of track.


Let us start with the fact that this trainset is also compatible with Thomas, Brio, Ikea and Melissa and Doug. Which off course makes this trainset very easy to expand. Within hours you could track the entire living room. Hours, days of fun provided for sure.

With this wooden set alone you have enough track to form an eight and a large loop. This makes for an interesting combination and does not make the set look dull. It has many accessories which provide a lot of roleplaying options. It has strong and sturdy built wooden rails. The level crossing is a huge winner at our home, our testing team was fascinated by it. He would block the train, let it through, etc.

A downside to the set is the bridge. Due to not being so well constructed it could get knocked over pretty easily which again provides a lot of frustration. So we advise looking for a replacement or a some compatible bridge from another set. Another thing we noticed was the use of lesser detail and refinement then the other brands on the market. Although this isn’t the issue with little children, some detail could be worked out a bit more which would provide more fun. Like for example the use of a crane or cargo. Also unfortunately some pieces like the trees could easily break. So keep an eye out for that because those things can be hazardous.


The Bigjigs Town and Country Wooden Train set is a great starter pack. It has his flaws but it also has his positive sides. With a 101 pieces in the box you can’t go wrong and provide hours of fun at your home. The set is sturdy and has easy to assemble instructions.

 3 Wagons out of 5