Banbao Remote Control Cargo Plastic Train Set Review

It is difficult to not name Lego and Banbao in the same sentence. Banbao is a 3rd party brand that is compatible with the all known brick. And now they have their own remote controlled trainset. Let us take it out for a spin.


The box does not immediately tell you but this set has a whopping 1275 pieces in total. That is off course because you have to build a lot of stuff. So look out with using this set with little children. When all 1275 are used you should end up with a total of 28 track pieces, a radio controlled locomotive, a hopper car and a freight car. Six figures and a little car. Immediately when fondling with these pieces you notice the huge difference between Banbao and the other brand. More on that later.


First of all Banbao is not a clear Lego copy. It is a brand on its own which is just compatible with the major brick company. But pretty quick you will realise that the Banbao bricks are indeed compatible but really different with Lego bricks. So if you mix these bricks up with the other brand you are in for a pickle.

We love how fun is sometimes in the small details. For example we loved the way the doors opened on the locomotive and the freight car. I know a stupid little detail but the way it produced smiles on our test team says enough. Another small detail is the fact that the remote control does not interfere with other remote control driven trains from another brand.

But not all was fun with this trainset. The reach from the transmitter is really short, just a couple of meters which makes it really necessary to be close to the train track to make the train ride. Another design flaw to us, is the fact that there is only 1 speed setting forward or backward and you need to put the button pressed in to make the train move. Also it was really troublesome to make a battery change and unfortunately the remote control eats a lot of batteries.

The freight train is a really cool looking train. The building process was entertaining and a lot of fun to do with the top testing team. The provided building instructions were easy to follow and really kid friendly. Still our feelings were a bit mixed by the end of the afternoon playing with it.


The Banbao trainset is not the best one in the class. If you are looking for quality and reliability we suggest other brands. Still it is a fun trainset to play with and it is also a cheaper solution to other brands. If you like the design and don’t mind a lower quality, the Banbao trainset is a winner for you. You get a lot of train which looks fantastic and a lot of building fun for your value

3 Wagons out of 5